The outcome of each process is subjected to a rigorous quality control, only the best pieces are brought to term.

Gonzalez Reeds - Manufacturing Process1. Tube cutting:
After being sun dried, specialised personnel cut the tubes and select the pieces according to Gonzalez strict quality standards. Then these are divided according to their diameter length and wood thickness.
2. Seasoning
The selected tubes are stored in the Gonzalez deposit for at least 18 months.
3. Splitting:
After the seasoning, each tube is divided into four “splits”.
4. Segment cutting:
Each split is cut into the required length.
5. Sanding and tapering:
After being cut into lengths, each reed is sanded and tapered into a “blank”.
6. Sanding and tip trimming:
Each “blank” is profiled in order to create the vamp with perfect finish, afterwards the tip is cut into a curved shape.
7. Measuring:
Every Gonzalez reed is subjected to a 3D measuring machine that provides exact information of the piece that will be used for comparison with the original model.
8. Quality Control:
The quality of their products are not only strictly monitored during each step of the process, but every finished reed is also compared with the original model. In addition, renowned musicians around the world submit Gonzalez reeds to their professional evaluation.