Below are some first hand comments from professionals, teachers and students who have changed over to Gonzalez, and which we find extremely encouraging.

  1. Every reed in the box plays fantastic!
  2. The upper register on the tenor reed sings and the lower register is very warm.
  3. Gonzalez reeds are alive and vibrant – thanks for bringing them into Oz!!!
  4. I normally blow out a reed in a night but now I’m getting 2 weeks plus on the Gonzalez reeds – which is unheard of from other well known brands
  5. These reeds are in quarter sizes and slightly harder than normal – I normally play a #3.5 Vandoren V16 but now I use #3.25 Gonzalez
  6. The days of 1 or 2 good reeds in a box are over! plus these reeds are sooo inexpensive.

You can change to Gonzalez reeds today by visitingĀ the The Music Place and placing an order via their secure payment website.

Thank you for taking our Gonzalez Reed Tour! If you have any further questions or comments please don’t hesitate inĀ contacting us.